electric Powered Racing Offroad Motorcycle

Electric retrofit kit

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Dirt bikes have no more secret left for you. You are feeling the electric trend coming?  Are you ready for the big air, more performances? let us know ! !



Check out our latest design review including the electric architecture


About us


Our past always come from motorcycle, dirt bikes and road racing bikes. We are engineers, expert on Electric vehicle architecture and mechanical designers. We learned a lot from our old motorcycle projects.


Because racing is in our blood, we are designing the killing machine for motocross. This time, the bike is based on a 450cc CRF Honda chassis. We are upgrading this awesome bike a step forward, with a full electric kit and ridable for any guy willing to win races.


The challenge we are facing is huge, but our motivation is endless. Our goal, designing electric kits for all off road bikes! We’ve got in our team, racer duds, ready to battle with the loving two strokes and the 450cc top gun !

The bike design is pretty well advanced. We’ve got most of the parts of the kit; the prototype is on rails.

More news will come on this electric motorcycle retrofit kit. Stay tuned !



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